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The PRC-151 PVC card printer offers a small foot-print, 24-bit color, 256-Grayscale, security lamination, encoding options and prints at the astounding speed of over 144* cards/hour! The PR-C151 has the same Nisca quality, manufactured in their ISO certified production facility.

webs for africa    card printing  harare zimbabwe
Webs for Africa


The printer offers brilliant 24-bit images printed on CR80 cards with thicknesses ranging from 20 mil – 50 mil (.25mm-1.27mm) (10 mil Special Order). The PR-C151 is available with options for MagStripe encoding and security lamination with the addition of the PR-L151 laminator.

Mid Level Printer

Dual Sided Printing

24-bit color

Plastic card printing

Supports XP, Vista, Win 8 (32/64 bits), Win8.1

Optional lamination with the PR-L151 laminator.


Printer Options:

PRINTING SYSTEM : Heat transfer printing


MEDIA SIZE : CR-80 (54x86mm)

PRINT AREA : Entire card surface

PRINTING SPEED : 30sec max

TRANSFER RIBBON : Team NiSCA protective/holographic material

COMMUNICATION : RS422, printer to heat roller

POWER SOURCE : ACPower source-AC100/120v 50/60Hz.

DIMENSIONS : 400 x 180 x 300mm (h x w x l)

WEIGHT : 10kg max

Webs for Africa
Webs for Africa


Custom holographic effects available:

Optical Variable Links:

Invisible UV fluorescent inks (short wave & long wave)

Dual UV fluorescent inks (one color short wave & different color long wave

Color shifting inks (inks change colors as document is tilted)

Energy converting inks

Optical Variable Devices:

Text effects: Micro, nano, fine line printing

Embedded hologram – invisible to the eye

Hidden images – required specific wavelength to display

Scrambled Indicia – requires custom lens over image to display

Image morphing & animation – images flipping, disappearing & reappearing