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N5 Flagship
Smart POS

N5 is the flagship product of NEXGO smart POS series with the most comprehensive configuration. 5.5 " HD touchscreen delivers the best display and operation experience. You can also choose fingerprint identification module to support fingerprint payment.

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Powerful Chips

Each NEXGO smart POS terminal is equipped with a quad-core processor with four independent units and a security chip, quad-core processor brings better performance as more tasks will be accomplished simultaneously by it, at the same time, security chip improves the security level of these POS terminals.

Android System

The operation system of N5 is powered by Android 7.X, it can be customized and meet the needs of various industries because of its compatible ability in software and hardware.

5200 mAh

With the 5200 mAh big battery and design of ultra-low power consumption, N5 can stand by for 168 hours on a single charge, providing stronger support for your business.

Dual Cameras

N5 5MP + 2MP rear and front cameras can not only scan 1D & 2D bar-codes, but also help you recognize the face of consumers and take photos.

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Webs for Africa

5.5" HD Large Screen

Larger HD screen with the high contrast ratio and wide visible angle makes merchants and customers always clearly see the screen in various environments.

Fingerprint Identification

Fingerprint identification is a new way to replace passwords. Everyone's fingerprints are unique and securer than 6-number passwords. 50% of the time can be saved if fingerprint identification is used for payment.