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Our plastic cards feature vivid, high quality four-color printing on durable premium heavy weight plastic stock. We can add any finishing option to meet your needs including signature panels, magnetic stripe, bar-coding ,contact and contactless smart cards and more.

webs for africa    card printing  harare zimbabwe
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CPA Cards

CPA (Common Payment Application) approval is granted to a card product with an embedded CPA application. A lot of payment solutions on the market are general-purpose in nature; they’re designed to work for any type of business. Since retail, restaurant, and hospitality businesses are so numerous, these generic payment solutions have features, functionality, and pricing that cater to these business types. Common Payment Application - CPA is a set of specifications with recommended set of common parameters to allow Banks to configure on their card issuing system. Mainly to have one set of parameters to deal with to rollout cards with different schemes. Of course certain parameter could be product specific and that would vary.

EMV standards require a very secure production environment as well as security to maintain data integrity. We meet these requirements while delivering a product of high standards through our security printing services.